Hughie McDonell

Hughie Mcdonell loved music from a very young age. It came to him honestly, there was a lot of music in his home. His dad sang and played the guitar, and with eight sister’sand five brother’s. one of them would take his mother by the hand and dance around the kitchen floor. Which later on , inspired Hughie to write “Heart Of The Kitchen”. He lived and was raised on a farm, outside of Cornwall Ontario, where his mother and Father’s family roots go back to the late 1790’s. Hughie has three children , two boy’s and one girl. He moved to the Maritimes, where he raised his family. Keeping his music alive, and gaining new fans, Hughie has recorded four different albums.#1 ” Dreaming Of Home “,#2 ” Heart Of The Kitchen” , The first two were produced by Kevin Evans. What The Heck” , and ” Downsizing” ‘ were produced by Hughie himself . With his love for music and songwriting and his ability to connect with his audience, Hughie has opened up for artist such as Valdy, John Allan Cameron Nately Mac Master Lennie Gallantand many more. Hughie is busier than ever , playing festivals in the maritimes and in eastern Ontario and Quebec. He is getting airplay on 97.3CKON Cornwall, Smith Falls, Vermont, The Maritimes AVR 97.7 CBC radio Stan Carew .Eric Mac Ewen P.E.I and Sydney Cape Breton. He is a member of ECMA. Where he played 2006 and 2007 . He is also a member with the CCMA and MIANS MUSIC and has a great respect for all there suport and hard work and effert they put towards the music . Hughie has had good success with the latest CD ‘ ” Keeping It All In Tune” Produced by Fred Lavery at Lakewind Sounds Studio. Hughie has writen and composed six of the ten songs on the CD. Staying Here In The Maritimes has had a lot of interest and airplay. It also won the#1 Luninburg folk festival songwriters contest.this year 2007. Also another song that got major air play on AVR 97.7 and CBC weekend mornings was a track called ” Shopping At Frenchy’s ” It also has had ans still getting airplay on a station CKON 97.3 Cornwall. Hughie is writing more these’s day’s and looking forward to recording again in fall of 2008.